Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Values On the Rise June 2012

Maricopa Real Estate values have experienced a very steep increase (38%)  over the past 12 months.  (See chart below)  Maricopa Real Estate had dropped in value like a lead balloon with many homeowners experiencing as much as a 70% drop in value.

It is now commonplace for multiple offers to be made on properties and bidding wars do exist.  Just ask one of my clients who have submitted over 10 offers before getting one under contract.

Will Maricopa Real Estate Values continue to rise?  That’s the $64,000 question.  My thought is that if interest rates remain at all time lows, and the number of homes on the market remains at extremely low levels, then yes, values will continue their upward trend.  As always, its the old law of “Supply and Demand”.  The supply is low and the demand is up so the limited supply enjoys increased prices.

For buyers of Maricopa Real Estate: Even though values have gone up so dramatically, bargains are still extraordinary.  4000 square foot homes for $120,000.  Wow! If you’d like a list of Maricopa Real Estate opportunities, just fill  out the short form below and I’ll start sending you the bargains.

For sellers of Maricopa Real Estate: It may be time to check your value and see if you’re no longer underwater.  It may be time to sell while the selling is good.  If you’d like to know what your house is worth, just fill out the short form below and I’ll send you a no obligation Price Evaluation.

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