Current Downtown Phoenix Condo and Lofts For Sale

Ever thought about living in a downtown environment?  Theaters, Restaurants, Sporting Events.  No need for a car. This report will show all the condos and lofts for sale in the downtown Phoenix area. Call Mike Rizzo at 602-790-2804 for more information. … [Read more...]

Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas – 2016 Market Prediction

Have a wonderful and safe Merry Christmas.  I was once again humbled to receive a 5-star rating in 2015.  Last year, I predicted a 10% increase in prices.  Prices topped out at 9%.  2016 looks like 12% increase in prices.  Buyers need to call right away to beat price and rate increases.  Sellers need to call to time the selling and buying process. … [Read more...]

Mike Rizzo Realtor Moves to Homesmart Phoenix Arizona

Don't forget to go back to the email to enter the drawing. … [Read more...]


Traditionally, when you buy a home, you apply for a mortgage through a lender, find a home for sale, and use a combination of your down payment and the loan amount to purchase the home. It is a tried and true method, but what if you want to skip the buying and selling process and simply take over another homeowner’s loan? With certain loans you may be able to do that, but there is a lot to consider before assuming a loan. The Basics “In days long past, some mortgages were fully assumable … [Read more...]

How does a Arizona Realtor get Paid

Most buyers do not understand how a realtor gets paid.  They might think that he/she gets a paycheck from the company they work for?  They might think that there's a pool of money for realtors to draw from as they help buyer clients. It's actually quite simple.  The realtor owns his or her own business, but he must have his license on file with a brokerage so his work can be overseen.  If the realtor is not involved in a sale, then he does not get paid a commission.  Even if the realtor writes … [Read more...]

Province in Maricopa AZ – September 2012 Real Estate Values

Province in Maricopa AZ September 2012 prices continue to rise and the real estate market in the Phoenix area is becoming healthier.  The market still has a long way to go so the bargains in Province Maricopa AZ are still attracting many buyers.  Luxury living at bargain basement prices is what makes Province Maricopa AZ one of the most popular active adult communities in the United States.  In fact, Province of Maricopa AZ was ranked as the number one community in America.  Take a look at the … [Read more...]

Province Maricopa AZ Real Estate Values August 2012

Province Maricopa AZ Province in Maricopa AZ continues to appreciate with a steady, maintainable growth. Province Maricopa AZ is a premier Active Adult (55+) community which has been rated as the best in the United States. The short video below will tell the story of appreciation from August 2011 to August of 2012. Every month we watch and report the progress of Province Maricopa AZ values. Call me if you would like to be automatically alerted to any Province Maricopa AZ properties coming … [Read more...]

East Valley Phoenix Real Estate And Information

The East Valley Phoenix website is dedicated to providing information about the cities of Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa, South Scottsdale, and Maricopa. THINGS TO DO We have placed a video below which is updated on a weekly basis telling you about what is happening in the East Valley.  It may be a craft show, concert, or just ideas for things to get out of the house and do. This following video will give you important real estate information. This video is updated monthly. REAL … [Read more...]